Biracial Not Black Damn it!

Biracial Not Black Damn It!

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CNN Breakout Segment

Biracial Not Black Damnit!


“As seen on CNN Campbell Browns breakout segment; Biracial not Black, is a controversial debate on really what defines race.”


"You know you're watching a groundbreaking documentary when it not only forces you out of your comfort zone..."

Rotten Tomatoes

“Biracial, Not Black, Damn It!, a poignant, thought-provoking and ultimately most-enlightening film directed by the brilliant Carolyn Battle Cochrane.”

— Kam Williams, Syndicated Review

“Battle –Cochrane stripped the mask away; the cast is transparent and honest. This film is in your face!"

— Yvonne S. Thorton,
"Ditch Digger's Daughters" Pulitzer Price Nominee

“This topic on being biracial is more complex than I realized.”

— Tyra Banks

“This is an educational took that should be in every library and every school on this country!”

— Kaolin, “Talking about Race

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

—Eleanor Roosevelt